Augmented Reality Porn vs Sex Robots Added: 2019-10-10 05:47:21 With technology becoming ever-more sophisticated and advanced, the adult industry is looking for ways to best take advantage. Two ways it seeks to do this is with AR porn and sex robots.   Comparing The Two   Both of these technologies offer different things that the other can not. Both offer the visual/sound aspect and both offer sexual stimulation, however, that's probably where the similarities end.   With sex robots, you can enjoy the physical feeling of having what seems to be another person pressed up against you. You can feel her pussy as you have sex with her and you can grab her tits and ass.   AR porn, on the other hand, doesn't offer this because you're not interacting with a physical... Read More
Top 5 pornstar who are perfect for AR and VR porn Added: 2019-10-04 05:55:59 Porn might seem easy but it certainly isn’t. Interviews with various actors will tell you that the sex you see on video is actually very mechanical since there are directions constantly being fed to the performers and multiple breaks during the take. As a result, the performance is acted out to help satisfy the viewers fetishes. If that wasn’t hard enough, the performance in AR and VR media is even harder thanks to the limitations imposed by the camera rig and the need to engage the viewers at the same time. As a result, the skill set needed from performers in AR and VR is slightly different. They not only need to perform on cue but also need to be engage viewers enough to allow for immersion. There are not a lot of people who can do... Read More
VR porn studios need to be the first movers in AR Added: 2019-09-24 05:26:29 The challenge with any new technology is getting the first step in. More often than not, businesses tend to be apprehensive of challenges in the new environment and will willingly wait out and bear the risk. Inherently, the first mover gets the competitive advantage but they are also the first ones through every brick wall.Take a look at how VR went. VirtualRealPorn is company based in Spain and was VR’s first porn studio. Obviously, they have the largest portfolio of content out there, but they also had to brave the most difficulties. More experienced studios like NaughtyAmerica, Wankz and others, came in later. Though that didn’t mean they learnt from VRP’s experience, but it certainly was available.As a result, more established businesses te... Read More
Top 5 sexiest MILFs in VR porn Added: 2019-09-05 06:03:05 If you’re anything like me, then you love voluptuous women who are hungry for some action. Call them cougars, minx, or MILF, they are sexy as hell and make an excellent pairing with either sex. MILF has been a hot niche for quite sometime, even before VR porn.But now, it remains one of the most popular niches in the entire VR porn category. So, which MILFs should you follow? Which ones offer the best VR porn experience for you? Let’s take a look.#5 Misty StoneComing in at #5 is ebony hotness Mistry Stone. The petite-bodied MILF is extreme hot and has some extreme prowess in dick riding. She’s extremely flexible and gives a mean blowjob, perhaps best in this list apart from Bridgette B. Her expressions are always right on the money and she ... Read More
Top 5 hottest VR pornstars in 2019 Added: 2019-08-29 08:03:19 VR porn is very different from your generic 2D porn. The difference in nature of the medium and technical limitations makes acting very challenging. That’s why not all pornstars do well in this medium. However, there are a few who have literally left people wanting for more.They have featured for some of the hottest VR porn sites on the internet today and are loved by fans worldwide. So, we decided to a short top 5 hottest VR pornstars list for you. Without further delay, let’s get into it -#5 Misha CrossWhile it’s very difficult to actually rank these stars, I still tried to position them based on how likely I would be to watch their scenes. Mind you, these are all top of the pile, so it’s all based on thin margins.Misha Cross has been one o... Read More
Why not all pornstars are good in VR porn Added: 2019-08-23 04:23:38 Have you ever noticed that pornstars that are traditionally wonderful in standard porn, are not necessarily that good in VR porn? In fact, some of the best performers in VR porn are lesser known names. Ever think what happened to all that performance when they shifted to VR porn? Well, I did. And I came across a logical explanation. You see, it’s down to the medium that’s being used and it’s inherent nature. Standard porn is voyeuristic by nature. The performers are two or more in number and the camera angle is that of a third-person. As a result, the cameraman, the director and the performers are together responsible for the end product. For example, if you love retro Italian porn, then you must have heard of Tinto Brass. I per... Read More
Is VR porn the way back to the golden era Added: 2019-08-16 04:45:23 If you’re a kid of the 70s or 80s, you’ll remember the kind of porn was produced at that point of time. Porn wasn’t restricted to just a few sex positions and there would be more meat in a video than what we get now-a-days. It was referred to as the golden era. The reason why porn from that era is always the gold standard is purely down to the compact value it provided. Videos had a definite storyline, good acting, hot sex scenes and some of the best performers. Despite there being more talent now than ever before the overall quality has declined. There are a few reasons for this. As with anything, people’s taste in porn changed. Instead of looking for more connection and chemistry, people opted for direct action without any B... Read More
How would porn be in 2119? Added: 2019-08-07 06:16:53 Just a few years back, augmented reality seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie. There were talks of holograms and what-not and it all seemed like something that’s decades away from existence. However, fast forward a few years and we have VR games, VR movies, VR porn, AR games and AR porn. There’s high quality virtual reality headsets which allow tremendous levels of immersion, while newer mixed reality and AR headsets are looking to erase the lines between reality and virtual reality. All of this in less than 5 years. In fact, if we look further back, there was no commercial aviation companies just a 100 years back, no laptops just 50 years back and no smartphones just 20 years back. Technological evolution has come a long back in... Read More
Porn and sexuality are diametrically opposed Added: 2019-08-02 05:07:52 Most of us living in the 21st century, construe sexuality with sexual appeal and the urge to form an intimate relationship with another person. By extension, since porn is all about sex, we tend to think that the two are closely inter-related.However, that might not necessarily be the case. With all the arguments surrounding the implications of AR porn in more ways than just adult entertainment, we explore this relationship in this blog.First, let’s understand sexuality. The oldest written text on sexuality dates back to 200 BC when an Indian philosopher, Vatsyayana, wrote a book called Kamasutra. While the book is dated between 400-200 BC, it was first translated to English and privately printed in 1883. There after, it gained prominence.However, ... Read More
How do you think relations and sex life would be in 2119 Added: 2019-07-25 04:04:26 Recently, we did an article on how porn would be in a 100 years time. More specifically, in the year 2119. In that article, we talked about how some of the aspects of life in 2119 would be. So, we decided to take a step further and explore how relationships and sex life would be in that time. So, let’s hop on the time machine and let’s get started. Picking up from where we left off, there’s full integration of wearables in that time period. Contact lenses act as smartphone, AR headsets, camera, laptops and many more things all combined in one (I forgot reading glasses!). There are robots doing most entry-level and menial jobs.In such an age, human healthcare has improved greatly while, there are no longer countries divided by geographical ... Read More
What If Aliens And Higher Dimensions Beings Watched VR Porn Added: 2019-07-16 07:09:07 Have you ever thought if humans are the only one to inhabit this whole wide universe? Statistically speaking, that’s a ludicrous idea. Scientist says that there are billions of other galaxies across the universe. If you aren’t able to comprehend a galaxy then let me give you some context. We live in a galaxy called the Milky Way. In a way, our solar system is one of the millions of solar system in this galaxy. If you try to look at it from a city perspective, then we live on the outskirts of the Milky Way. In a way, we are the suburbs. Just like our solar system, there are millions of others in the Milky Way. And just like the Milky Way, there are millions of other galaxies in this universe. Mathematically, it’s impossible for ... Read More
VR porn is just an appetizer for AR porn Added: 2019-07-12 07:35:05 Porn has been the driving force for many a technological innovations. This includes the VHS, DVD and now VR. People were often caught in two minds when they had to choose between VHS and Betamax and between Blu-ray and DVD. Whichever option the porn industry chose to move ahead with, took the main stage while the competitors farmed away into technology history books. It’s a similar story with VR porn. VR was first thought of as something akin to programmers and gamers. At that point of time (which is about 3 years back), no one thought that it would be so popular in only a couple of years. But as the adult entertainment industry took an active interest in VR, it soon burst out of it bubble and took the mass-market stage. In fact, one ... Read More