Amazing Features of VR Porn Added: 2018-09-17 10:16:12 There are all kinds of adult entertainment today, however, most of them can be experienced by using some kind of a screen. While regular porn videos have been popular ever since the general internet connections got better, today, there is a different kind of pornographic content that takes things to a whole other level. One of the newest technologies that helps you experience porn like never before is virtual reality. While virtual reality, or also known as VR, has been around for quite a while, we finally have machines that are capable of providing us an incredible experience at a decent price. One of the main reasons why VR porn has intrigued many lovers of porn, is because of Google Cardboard. Google came up with an incredibly simple ... Read More
A Better Way To Experience VR Porn Added: 2018-09-17 09:19:52 The most beautiful part about VR porn is that there are just so many ways to experience it. Just depending on the gear you are using, you can enhance your experience more than you can imagine since the difference between a cardboard headset and a modern headset that supports 4K resolution is incomparable in every single aspect. But, even if you have the best VR gear, there is still a way that you can improve the way to watch VR porn videos. While not all partners would agree to this option, you could still ask your lover to help you experience VR on another level by making them mimic the movements from the video. If you ever had a fantasy to bang a sexy maid, an incredibly hot teacher by truly feeling the penetration, your partner can he... Read More