Privacy Policy


    of 1th June 2017

    of the Website


    §1 General Provisions

    1. The Policy specifies rules for protection and processing of your Personal Data by the Administrator of Personal Data (the Data Controller) in connection with providing by him services to his customers through the Website The term „use of the Website” is synonymous with the word „use the Services of the Website” or “use of the services provided through the Website”,

    2. The Administrator of Personal Data (the Data Controller) is: VERCAMS DIGITAL CONSULTING 


    §2 Personal Data processed by the Controller

    1. The Controller processes the following personal data, which you have to give to use the Websiteusername, e-mail address, name, surname, country of your origin, address, age (just whether you are older than 18).

    2. To use the Website you have to register. It is not possible to use the Website without registration.

    3. To log into the Website, you give the following data:

      1. E-mail address;

      2. Password.

    4. We can also (as each website) process the traffic data, which characterizes the way you use the Website and that includes:

      1. IP address;

      2. Digital logs;

      3. Information about using the Website by you;

      4. Web browser type;

      5. Domain name;

      6. Type of operating system.

    5. The Website may use cookies, which allow to adjust services and contents do individual needs and preferences of the Users, as well as to be a basis of general statistics concerning using the Website by Users. Switching off in your web browser an option allowing to save cookie files generally does not result in unavailability of using the Website, however, it can hamper using the Website. Cookies do not contain any personal data.


    §3 For which purposes my personal data are processed?

    1. Your Personal Data are processed by us for the purpose of using the services provided by the Data Controller, including sending you a commercial communication (including newsletter).

    2. Consent to receiving commercial communication you may declare simultaneously with the registration. The consent is voluntary and it is not a condition of registration. After registration you may resign from receiving commercial communication in the Account settings, which you are informed in activation email about.

    3. The abovementioned consent may be revoked in any time.


    §4 Who may have access to my personal data?


    The Persons or entities having access to your personal data are:

    1. The Administrator;

    2. His employees or persons conducting services connected with the Website (programmers, computer scientists, security administrators, the entity administering and servicing the system) – in the scope determined by the Administrator;

    3. State bodies for the purposes of proceedings conducted by them, if such bodies have such right on the basis of provisions of binding law (e.g. public prosecutor, the Police, the Ombudsman) and in other situations, when we are obliged to give access to personal data by provisions of binding law.


    §5 How my Personal Data are protected?


    Your personal Data are duly protected. The server, on which the Website is located, is placed in the server room of company, which guarantees high standards of data protection. Additionally, data is protected by SSL Protocol. On request we provide you with all details of the Company owning the server.


    §6 What happens to my personal data, if I sign out from the Website?

    1. As a rule, Personal Data is removed and will not be processed. Removal of your Personal Data shall be performed within 14 days from the date of signing out.

    2. Exceptionally, pursuant to the binding law, we are entitled to process the Personal Date, which:

      1. are necessary for billing services and claims for payments due to using of services. Billing for services submitted to you may not disclose kind, duration, frequencies and other technical parameters of the particular services used by you unless you require itemized billing within the range concerned;

      2. are necessary for investigation into circumstances of Illicit Usage of the Website;

      3. are admitted for processing by relevant acts or agreements;

      4. in case of traffic data – are necessary to detect technical faults and errors in transmission of communications.

    3. Moreover, in case of Illicit Usage of the Website (i.e. contrary to Terms of Rules or provisions of law), we are entitled to process your Personal Data to the extent necessary to determine your liability, on condition that we record for the proof purposes the fact of receipt and the contents of the message about Illicit Usage of the Website. Therefore, please always abide the law and Terms of Use when using the Website.

    §7 What other rights concerning Personal Data do I have?

    1. At any time you can remove Personal Data uploaded by you on your Account. Please, however, remember, that removing Personal Data necessary to use the Website will result in signing out from the Website.

    2. You have the right to demand removal of your Personal Data from the Website. Please, however, remember, that if Personal Data are necessary to use the Website, demanding their removal equals to your will to sing out from the Website. You can do it in “Contact” field in contact form or you can write an email to an address:

    3. You always have right to access to your Data processed within the Website, as well as their completion, update or removal, as well as the right to demand the data to be completed, updated or removed, subject to the Data to which we are entitled to process under the provisions of law. You can do it sending an e-mail to our address:

    §8 Notification for registration of Personal Data Files of our customers

    Personal Data Files of our customers was notified for registration to the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection (the competent body in the matter of personal data protection).